About Simulegum

The onset of COVID-19 was a big blow to legal education in India. Although the theoretical teaching continued in a fragmented way, the practical training was halted. Internships were shifted online and the only work students were allotted was basic legal research. This has hampered the overall understanding of the practical aspects of the law. We had started SimuLegum keeping this into consideration and to fill up this gap.

SimuLegum is an incorporated company providing mentorship and legal training to law students. We have been very active for the past year providing international opportunities, research assistantships, and internship opportunities to law students worldwide. We have built a software that allows interactive choice-based scenarios depicting real-world situations, putting students in a high risk environment, to give them the best practical training for law firm life.

Deeksha Sharma

Deeksha Sharma is the founder of SimuLegum Edtech, a legal edtech company incorporated in India. SimuLegum is a career accelerator for Law bringing in Industry professionals to guide students on the practical aspects of different laws. We have also provided students with internships at some of the premier law firms of the country.

She is a 2022 graduate of National Law University, Lucknow, India.
She is the youngest person from India to get a fully sponsored fellowship at the Hansen Leadership Institute, University of San Diego, US She has her publications in national and international blogs and journals, including Oxford, London School of Economics, Georgetown, University College London, Pittsburgh, Volkerrectsblog by German Society of Young Scholars in Public International Law, NLIU Bhopal, NLU Ranchi, NLU Jodhpur, NLU Orissa and two chapters in books by Thomson Reuters and in 3 books by publishers in India.

As a youth researcher, her research has been featured in events by the United Nations, India, Climate Social Forum, Italy, Italian Ministry, Deal for Nature Workshop by WWF and African Network of Young Leaders for Peace and Sustainable Development, and by organizations in the Silicon Valley, USA. She got her research selected for the Global Summit in Constitutionalism 2021 by the University of Texas at Austin, with the Arizona State University on space law and water conservation, and with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Indian Government on green finance.