Sustainability & Commercial Laws

MOOC on Sustainability and Commercial Law The current environmental laws are visionary in nature and not obligatory or penalizing. It is very easy for the biggest corporations or the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide to flout those laws. It came to our understanding that the entire problem rests in seeing these aspects of law in isolation from corporate law, i.e., commercial law and economic law. Hence we embarked on the same mission and drafted a thesis on how different facets of commercial law could contribute to sustainability, climate change resolution, and the environment, with extra importance on the situation faced by African countries. It has been accepted for presentation in - 1. UN Youth Environment Assembly, 2021. 2. All4Climate 2021 by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land, and Sea, in collaboration with the World Bank. 3. International Student Festival of Harkat, 2021, by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. Submit your email and get the full MOOC directly sent to you!